Saturday, October 27, 2007

Visit with Gramma

Gramma flew into Boise this Wednesday for a visit. We "pooped" Gramma out! First on the agenda, the boys got their haircuts at MonkeyDooz after that they showed off and tested Gramma's running skills at the park. We had fun day of shopping at Old Navy and Bath and Body Works (at least Mommy and Gramma did; Dillon just had a stinky diaper!!). And even dared to go out to lunch. The boys suprised us with how well behaved they were in the restauarant. They colored on the kid's menus (and on the table!) and had chicken with fries finishing with a little Crayola crayon for dessert! Saturday we made a big trip to the Punkin' Patch! The boys weren't too sure of the whole adventure! We took a hayride out to the patch and the boys each got their own pumpkin to bring home. There were also barnyard animals to see! The turkeys, sheep, piggies and cows were happily eating breakfast when we arrived. Brenen didn't care much for the Turkeys though! It was such a fun visit and the monkeys have Gramma wrapped around their little fingers!

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Wtraeden said...

Your family is so beatiful!! Thank you so much for sharing all the time. We love you so much!!