Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hello Everyone! Hope you enjoy our new blog. Brenen and Dillon are busy growing and learning new stuff everyday! It has been so much fun watching them together-playing or fighting! They can say "hi", "dada", "mama" and "uh oh"! They adore their doggy,Hopper, and their kitty, Kashmir Toby (although I don't think the feeling is mutual with the cat!). Of course they still talk on their "phone" non-stop! They are adjusting to their preschool really well! And have been doing all kinds of fun projects and have lots of new friends their age to play with!

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Anthony said...

The boys. They couldn't be cuter. It's crazy how much we have all grown up and have are own families. We are missing you always and can't wait to see you.

Remember that you are loved,

Wendy and family