Sunday, October 31, 2010

California Dreamin'

September 10-19, 2010

Our lives have finally gotten somewhat back to normal and we were able to take a family vacation to California! The main reason, of course, was to meet Minnie and Mickey Mouse in Disneyland! We made a few extra stops along the way....

First stop was Temecula to visit Uncle Codfish(Denny), Aunt DiDiPooPoo(Diane), and Gator! Thank you for letting us stay in your beyond beautiful home...for letting the boys ride again and again in the elevator they loved it!!! Uncle Codfish, it is amazing what you and Papa can do when you put your talents together! Absolutely amazing!

Uncle Codfish and boys

Aunt DiDi, Gator and the boys

Sweet Gator

LEGO LAND!!!!!! So much fun and billions of LEGO'S!!!!!!

Witchy Poo

Our Buddy, Darth

The SAN DIEGO ZOO...where amazing animals live and the best temper tantrums happen!! The boys didn't get all the way to temper tantrum zone like I did when I was little but they were darn close!!

The boys favorites were the elephants and giraffes!

"Uh..Mommy, what is that donkey doing?" Help me out do I answer this? All I can say is, what an ass for not using his manners. This, naturally, was Daddy's favorite animal at the zoo!!!!

Anyway, next stop was to see Auntie Jeri and Uncle Don! We can't thank you both enough for letting us stay at your house as well! It was so good to catch up with you; we miss you both so much! And Uncle Don, you didn't even get kicked out of Disneyland!!!! Even after the "Fairy"tale Storybook Land boat ride!

Our favorite Auntie Jeri! XOXO

The boy's true love, MINNIE!!! They even got her autograph!

We got to in Mickey's house and meet him, too!!!

Braving the waters at Huntington Beach with Uncle Don

Beach Bums!!!

Such a fun trip and good memories! It was so good to see our Aunties and Uncles along the way! Thanks again for your hospitality!! We will come back and visit again!!

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