Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bird Dog...Jail Bird Dog

October 15, 2010

We had a runaway in the house just recently. After a very stressful and emotional weekend we thankfully found our beloved Hopper at the local doggy jail. He was an inmate at the Salt Lake County Animal Shelter in kennel 52 for several days. After being bailed out of jail he came home to a lot of tears of joy (from Mommy) and love. The following day the parolee received a microchip and a brand new name tag for his Boise State collar. You just don't know what you are thankful for until it is gone. Hopper, you naughty puppy dog, we love you!

From all my heart I thank Debbie Deb for all your help and connections with Animal Patrol and the Shelter. To Wendy and Jason for hopping in your car the minute you found out he was missing and looking for him. To Dad and Barbara for making those awesome Lost Dog signs and for posting them all over. To Mom, Bonnie and Granny for going on a Sunday drive in search of Hopper. To Lexie and Melody for offering to march right down to the shelter and check out that dog listed in kennel 52. Mel, you have a special gift when it comes to knew it was him deep down! To Jerm for dragging the boys out and posting signs all over our neighborhood and for putting up with me becoming an emotional basket case. I know if this was the cat you would think twice about bailing him out of jail! You don't know how much it means to me that all of you were doing something to help me find my pooper's doggie when I could not. Thank you for your time and helping bring my sweet boy home.

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