Friday, December 21, 2007

Preschool Christmas Party

It was the Hobby Horse Ranch Preschool Christmas Party on Thursday! They had cookies and a book exchange! You know how much the boys love reading their books-especially Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See! Aimee put all the books in a big Santa bag and went around the room and let each child pick a book out of the bag. Dillon picked The Snow Bear and Christmas Cats (Daddy's favorite Chirstmas book for sure-not!). And Brenen picked The Littlest Christmas Tree and The Penguin Who Wanted to be Different. The Monkeys also gave mommy and daddy ornaments that they made with their sweet little handprints on them-so precious! It was a fun and very busy day at preschool!

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bledsoeblog said...

So cute Erin, your boys are so big!
I just listened to your music, The Weepies, and I LOVE that song! LOVE it, we both have the best taste!!!!

I miss you! Have a good day!