Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, Oh gosh is that a zebra and camel!

Okay, now before I go any further I want you to notice the pictures of the zebra and camel. Yes, I did say zebra and camel...the camel's name is "Lover Boy"! Now, these cute critters were at a local tree lot here in Eagle, Idaho. Yes, that's correct, at the little tree lot where we got our beautiful Christmas tree! Only in Idaho can you find such a combination. And what a day to place into our many Christmas memories we hope to have together!

The boys are fascinated with the tree this year. They have broken pretty much every ornament on the tree, eaten some fake berries off the garland and continually pull on the many strings of lights! "No No!" seems to be heard quite a bit around here lately. The tree is, however, beautiful and makes us excited for the Christmas season and smells so good! Brenen and Dillon are deciding whether to be naughty or nice......but I bet Santa brings them presents anyway because they are so darn cute! Daddy and Kashmir will get a lump of coal!

Happy Holidays!

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The Downey Blog said...

Poor Kashmir. He always gets the short end of the stick.