Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas '10

We had some serious preperations to do before Santa's arrival!

First, we had to put out the cookies. Not just any cookies, but Santa sugar cookies. Served with a side of strawberries and a glass of egg nog to top it off!

Second, the reindeer. The boys were very concerned about the reindeer getting enough food and water to keep them strong during their jouney. So, we made some reindeer food. It was a wholesome mixture of raw oats, sugar crystals and glitter. Glitter,you say? Well it shines in the moonlight and the reindeer can find your home easier. Oh, and the boys had to throw in a side dish of carrots and strawberries. Hopper was generous enough to let the reindeer use his water bowl for a refreshing drink of H2O.

Third, Christmas jammas. Got to have 'em. Can't get a wink of sleep on Christmas Eve without them!

Fourth, a bedtime story. The Night Before Christmas....a must. Again, can't get a restful sleep without it! And helps with dreams of sugar plumbs in your head...wierd.

Santa stopped by and only three people got coal in their stocking. Yes, Kashmir Toby...suprise! Hopper dog because he ran away and got thrown in jail...he still got a bone and a bed. And Daddy, 'cause he is a Grinch! The boys were overwhelmed with their choppers and Buzz Lightyears...we were able to take the choppers our for a test run!

It was a fun day and as always we are thankful for so many things in our lives...and realize that sometimes it doesn't always go as YOU planned it but how HE has planned it for you and that's okay. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happier 2011!

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