Saturday, December 12, 2009

No doubt, Christmas is a time when you take a step back at your life and realize how lucky we are and also WHO is so gracious enough to give us these blessings. But I think for me, each day I look at my little boys and know how lucky I am to have them in my life and even on the worst of days they always make me smile and melt my troubles away for the moment. Today I was watching them color, and they each are so amazingly different. Dillon was coloring a Christmas tree; he colored most of the ornaments on the tree red. One ornament he colored blue and the star on the top of the tree was blue-very particular and neat about what he was doing. Brenen was coloring a Christmas bear; with his left hand he colored red all over the page in no specific pattern-scribbles in every which way. But was so proud of his masterpiece! It's fun to watch them and see how creative each one is in their own special way! My laid back little Boos and my intense Mr. Dillon-I love them so much.

**Boos Elliott**

**Mr. Dillon Thomas**

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