Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Day

The Happy Day party was a success. Jeremy barbecued some pulled pork and salmon they both were delicious. We had a good evening with friends and family. The boys were a little overwhelmed by present opening time, but had a good time anyway! Dillon fell asleep with his bubble lawn mower that night....we had to tuck it in with him and everything!! Thank you everyone for all your help and for coming and sharing the boys special day with them!

Brenen blowing bubbles with Papa.

Dillon eating the frosting off a candle from his Happy Day cake!

Earlier in the day the boys helped Nana make their Happy Day cakes! You can see by the pictures that they were very into the cake making and baking! Thank you, Nana, for baking and decorating our Tigger and Pooh birthday cakes....they were amazing!!

Dillon licking cake batter off a spatula.

Brenen patiently watching as Nana added the ingredients in the mixer to make the cake batter.

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bledsoeblog said...

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, cutest little 3 year olds I know! I am shocked at how quickly 3 years goes! It was just yesterday I swear I was visiting you in the hospital pre-babies! NOW, those little babies are 3!!!

I just got your phone number from Misty Erin, I hope you don't mind if I give you a call! I have been thinking a lot about you recently!

Take care!