Saturday, March 7, 2009

With peanut butter all over our face; we are happy and very busy little boys! We are the biggest boys and are using the potty now; mommy and daddy couldn't be happier! They also keep a nice stash of potty treats too! We love helping mommy in the kitchen (our favorite recipes are on the bottom of this blog page) and don't go a morning without stirring our own "chocolate 'n'ilk". It has been nice to play outside on our fire trucks and Diego big wheels and we absolutely love taking mommy's measuring cups and spoons out in the backyard and digging in the dirt(she wasn't too thrilled about that). We turn 3 next month and are not sure what we want to do for our "happy day" party yet. When Mommy is at work we take advantage of that time to turn the house upside down and drive Daddy crazy with our little fights over a crayon or a block! Busy, busy boys is what we are!


The Downey Blog said...

OH my goodness, those haircuts make them look so big. I can't wait to just squeeze them.

Ben and Krystle said...

WOW I can't believe they will be three in just a short little while. I did want to give you an up date if you didn't already know JOY had her Beautiful little babies on March 18th. Theire names are Jace and Jillian. Jace is a champ and Jillian is a fighter she had some issues with her heart when she first arrived. They are monitering her and hopefully it will all work out. Joy is doing great and gets to come home this Saturday.