Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cookies By Design....Kind Of!!!

We barely got to our yearly Christmas cookie decorating this year. We have been so busy with life that we were failing to remember what Christmas is all about. Why we get so caught up in so many "things" that (in the Grand scheme) really don't matter still baffles me....anyway, I wont get on my soap box about that. Once we figured our busy schedules out...we finally got over to the wild and crazy Traeden house for the big event this year. The boys had a blast as you can tell! We finished up the evening with an awesome dinner of fettuccine Alfredo (thanks Wendy for all your hard work!) and cookies for dessert!

Dillon has the glazed over look of a happy boy who has had a lot of frosting and a little cookie!!! The orange frosting was his favorite!!!

Brenen taking a break from his decorating to show us his beautiful green sprinkle smile!!!


The Traeden clan!!

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