Saturday, November 1, 2008

May The Force Be With You.........

Happy Halloween!
The boys had a very eventful Halloween day. They started the morning in costume. Poor Hopper...we wanted him to be a hippie dog but it didn't work out like we wanted it to. Dillon of course was Darth Vader and Boos was the one and only Yoda! They made Halloween cupcakes at Flo's house decorated with sprinkles, gummy worms, spiders and pumpkin suckers. They also made some Halloween ghosts and played a bunch of fun games! All the kids were dressed up in their was a busy day at daycare! Later that evening Daddy took they boys over to Papa's house and then to G.G.'s house to show off their costumes and get a treat or two or matters not! They are pretty darn cute! And finished the night by trick or treating in the neighborhood. It was a fun day filled with LOTS and LOTS and CANDY! In fact, they woke up the next morning asking for CANDY for, I don't think so!!!!!

Darth Vader


"Dillon" Vader and Great Granny sharing a milkshake!


Leathers said...

They look great! I love your new profile picture of the boys! Poor Hooper, he looks like he is minding okay in costume. Just another member of the fam.

deatherages said...

Erin, I miss the crap out of you. I love the play dough recipe. We will have to give it a whirl! Love the costumes!

Ben and Krystle said...

Hey Erin,
Your boys looked so great for halloween. I was wondering if I could possibly get your e-mail? I had to change my blog to an invite-only blog. So I allow who views my blog an in order to do so I have to add your e-mail onto my blog. If you want you can send your e-mail to me at so you can still be able to view my blog. I hope all is well and you are doing great. Thanks a bunch