Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

Welcome to the jungle........we have the cutest safari animals ever seen! It was a fun night of trick or treating! Brenen and Dillon weren't too excited to be in their costumes, but were very good sports about it anyway. It was so fun to see the boys and their cousins together as an elephant, zebra, lion and tiger.....what wild animals they all are!!! We love them all so much. Hopper lucked out this year. I didn't have time to put him in a costume. I was going to take one of the many sets of sheets he has so kindly ripped to shreds and cut two holes (or use two that he has torn already) in it and make him the Halloween doggie ghost, but like I said he is one lucky dog! Hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween!


bledsoeblog said...

So cute Erin! Looks like your family had a wonderful Halloween!

The Downey Blog said...

You've been tagged Er Bear. Look at my blog to see what to do.